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Tips on How to Keep the Bounced Emails Rate Low

Getting a low score on your reputation for sending out emails is terrible idea since you can have issues with the companies. The bounce emails are two types namely hard and soft bounces. If you do not take measures to secure your list of addresses you will end up having a lousy brand in the market.

Hard bounce is those emails that do not deliver at all; it is because probably the email does not exist. On the other hand, soft bounce occurs when the email does do not get to the recipient due to issues with the content, some of the regulations like three months expiring period for the recipient to open your email and many other factors. The following are the guidelines you can use to make sure you are sending emails safely.

Clear Your Subscribers List
If you were to maintain an excellent rating on your status, you have to filter the listing to get up to date information. One of the ways to go about is by identifying those who open and read your emails. To be safe, you should check for those who do not open the emails for more than three months, those who raise the alarm over your texts and those who spam them. After undertaking such steps, you won’t have to worry about your score on the bounced emails.

Check on the Addresses When Subscribing
To avoid a hard bounce situation, you should remain objective enough to filter out any non-existing addresses. If you lack the mechanisms to crosscheck the addresses, you can request for services of licensed businesses and get assistance before you start emailing.

Maintain a High Standard Content
If you were to escape soft bounce situations, you have to ensure that the content of the emails are up to standard and will not appear as spam emails. Stay away from words that raise a red flag on spam messages.Again you have to apply creativity and create pieces that interest your clients to open the emails and read. That is the secret to beating the three months expiring time.

During the process you have to look at the open, unsubscribe, complaint rates and work on your delivery until it has no red flags. Take steps to ensure that your articles are of high standard.

Work on the Old Emails
Whenever you are making a comeback in your marketing strategy, do not start where you left instead update your list accordingly. It will help you avoid hard bounce situations and stay safe.

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